Who we are

Since 2008 we have been offering services in the field of Industrial Automation.

We started by developing projects dedicated to the pulp, paper, board and tissue industry. Over time we have been exploring many other branches, such as food industry, metalworking, electric and thermal power, alternative energies, plastics, fumes and solvents treatment, pharmaceutical and petrochemical.

Thanks to our know-how, we can put our experience at disposal of any company which needs to develop the automation system of a machine or a production process.

What we do

Strengthened by the multidisciplinary and structured skills of our team, we work all-round offering hardware and software engineering activities, development of applicative software for control and monitoring, design and construction of electrical and PLC/DCS automation panels, and fluidic systems, as well as the installation of machine on-board systems.

We also provide a range of services, such as consultancy, project planning, on-site supervision for commissioning and start-up, babysitting and troubleshooting support, including related training activities.

Data matter

Nowadays, and even more in the future, data play an essential role in every activity, especially in productive field. The terms Industry 4.0 and IIoT are sometimes abused and often declined just in order to obtain important incentives. Instead, we believe that the knowledge of a production plant data, their flow and their analysis are an important and critical factor to be competitive.

We think that the first step for each company is to measure and monitor its production, energy consumption, employed resources, process efficiency, especially on existing machines and plants. This launches into a real digitalisation phase, which allows the application of the all paradigm and benefits of Industry 4.0.

AISCON can support you in all these steps, providing systems for collection, processing and analisys of production and consumption data, the horizontal and vertical interconnection of the different systems – from the shop-floor to the decision-making levels – in order to make your factory every day smarter.

Bespoke automation

Creating value for customers is our mission.
We are reliable and flexible.
We study the needs, identify the best solution and implement it.
Every customer and its need are placed at the center of our job.

All our projects are customised and tailor-made, using the best technologies, with automations developed focusing on easy use and simple management.

We are always present in all phases of a project’s development, assuring immediate and constant support.

The attention to every single detail and the constant research for quality are our strengths, with the aim of offering an effective service that always satisfies who believe in us.

Our world

We operate wherever the customer requires it, optimising timing and costs, collaborating with a network of strategic.

We believe in the strength of teamwork: we share passion, goals, enthusiasm and ideas, to manage together and succesfully each project.

Technology and innovation are the key to our identity: we want to flank customers through the digital transformation path towards the new horizons of Industry 4.0, to realise the concepts of smart factories and smart production.

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