Designing and engineering development for automation and control systems

Electrical hardware engineering

Electrical design of power and control panels, selection of components and sizing of PLC and DCS control systems, drafting of hardware or software signal lists, motor lists and preparation of various other project documents, creation of I/O signal diagrams, HMIs, up to on-field sensors and actuators, design of industrial communication networks, detailed information of connection cables and components.

We use state-of-the-art CAE software tools, such as Eplan Electric P8, Solidworks Electrical and many other softwares for engineering development.

Fluidic hardware engineering

Sizing and development of pneumatic and hydraulic circuits for machine movements, as well as centralised oil circulation or grease lubrication units, defining components, power units, valve panels and flowmeter panels, drafting the fluidic diagrams and all the necessary documentation.

We primarily utilise Eplan Fluid, integrated with Eplan Electric, a specific CAE tool for this application, as well as Solidworks for 3D development of equipment.

Field engineering

Drafting of 2D and 3D layout drawings for electrical installations, including sizing, component definition, development of routing details, up to the material lists, for the on-board plants and for the field, defining and engineering item-by-item the paths of raceways and cables from electrical rooms and panels to sensors, actuators and other equipment of the machine or process system.

Drafting of 2D and 3D layout drawings for fluidic on-board and field installations, defining the paths of the hydraulic, pneumatic or lubrication pipes from the control units and fluidic panels to the equipment and actuators of the machine or process system.

We use state-of-the-art software development tools, such as Solidworks and ESApro, with routing functions for pipes and electrical paths, as well as Autocad.

Machine safety and regulations

Support to customers for checking and adaptation of machines and plants to safety directives and regulations, as well as for compliance of equipment with the different international standards.

Partnerships with companies specialised and accredited in individual topics allow us to offer targeted and effective advice, ensuring that our supplies and the solutions we propose to our customers meet the required criteria.

Engineering support and consultancy services

In the automation field, we can support our customers in a series of preliminary activities required for new projects, such as technical feasibility studies, definition of specifications, budget estimations and quotations for new plants, development of basic engineering.

We can also deal with ancillary engineering activities, such as drafting of technical manuals and visual documentation for training.

We aim to assist our customers in order to be perceived as an extension of his technical structure.